Whitelabel Antivirus, and Value Add Solutions.


Whitelabel Antivirus, and Value Add Solutions.

Digital Defender - Providing Value Added Security Services to Whitelabel and OEM Partners Worldwide

Looking to White Label a product that is great at converting and can be fully rebranded with your logos, graphics and text? Digital Defender is able to provide you with our Antivirus, AntiMalware, Driver Updater and now our new PC Optimization tool and Registry Cleaner, FullSpeed PC as Whitelabel software. We can help monetize your customer base and attract new customers with a quick time to market, giving you access to a new product with a couple of weeks. We even have a free whitelabel antivirus product which you can use to seed a customer base.

Why Digital Defender?

Our White Label Software is perfect for publishers, affiliates, ISVs and OEMs to instantly expand their product line without any need for development and reach new customers worldwide with a high converting product, upto 20% of people who download, purchase the software.
Our Whitelabel security software range is the strongest in the industry with top industry companies in the world as clients, and a presence on every continent - with over 1.5 Million licenses sold.

We have translated our products into many languages, and are very happy to add new ones, if so required, we have even toyed with the idea of doing one in Esperanto, if someone would care to offer to translate for us.This is a great opportunity to expand your product marketing services through our innovative communication layer built into our product.
This allows you to stay in contact with your customer base and increase your revenues (with revenue share). Built in tools allow for easy cross sell and upsell.

All of our software has a Marcom messaging layer built in that can be used by our whitelabel partners, so that the may devise campaigns to target specific cross sections of your user base.
Potentially offering trial or professional versions of our software to your users base through either windows application tray popup messages, more traditional windows dialogs or through inline messaging within the user interface of the existing product.


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